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Party With A Hero was started with one thing in mind: to provide superhero moments that provide children of all ages with memories that last a lifetime. 

Our goal is to instill values that lead to confidence, loyalty, friendship, responsibility, and a healthy lifestyle. All of these traits are core components to being a true superhero and we are proud of anybody who works towards these goals.

In our fast paced world it is easy to get caught up in stressful situations, but we aim to slow things down a bit and focus on ways to improve the world around us. We want to see the world improved one happy child of any age at a time

Party With A Hero

We started as a company with the goal to improve the community. We strive to provide the best foundation possible for the children. We are advocates for education, discipline, respect, eating healthy, and being a positive influence for the future of the world. Follow us on Facebook to keep up with our day to day goal of making the world a happier place to live in. Facebook!

  • Providing superhero moments that last a lifetime

Our Services

Party With A Hero provides flexible services to accommodate children of all ages. We are more than willing to work with each person to fully customize your very own superhero experience! No matter the event or occasion, the pictures are sure to leave everyone in awe when you pull them up on your phone or blow them up to place them in a frame for your home or office

  • Making the world a better place one superhero moment at a time



Date: 20th September, 2014

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You rocked the fundraiser. Thank you so much for  coming today. you really stole the show. Thank you again so much. You are a great person and very well respected

- Organizer for a fundraiser for a little superhero's memorial / 2014-08-16 01:22:10

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We look forward to hearing from all of our superheroes out there and we will do anything we can to make a schedule work for your special day!

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